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Ein süßes Deingedenken - Lieder von Fanny und Felix Mendelssohn

Kateryna Kasper, Sopran - Dmitry Ablogin, Hammerklavier (Doppel-CD)

Ein süßes Deingedenken - Lieder von Fanny und Felix Mendelssohn: Kateryna Kasper, Sopran - Dmitry Ablogin, Hammerklavier (Doppel-CD)
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Komponist(en): Hensel, Fanny
Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix
Label/Verlag: TYXart
Medium: CD
Bestellnummer: TXA19127
Spielzeit: 88:54

Aus dem Pressetext:


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809–1847): Auf Flügeln des Gesanges Op. 34 Nr. 2 03:50 / Die Liebende schreibt Op. posth. 86 Nr. 3 02:50
Fanny Hensel (1805–1847): Vorwurf Op. posth. 10 Nr. 2 03:06 / Achmed an Irza / Im Garten 03:20
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Venetianisches Gondellied Op. 57 Nr. 5 03:24
Fanny Hensel: Die furchtsame Träne 02:58
Felix Mendelssohn: Bartholdy Suleika Op. 34 Nr. 4 03:18
Fanny Hensel: Harfners Lied 02:15
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Frühlingslied Op. 47 Nr. 3 03:38
Fanny Hensel: Wenn ich mir in stiller Seele 01:17
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Blumenstrauß Op. 47 Nr. 5 02:20
Fanny Hensel: Die Mainacht Op. posth. 9 Nr. 6 04:08
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Andres Maienlied (Hexenlied) Op. 8 Nr. 8 02:29
Fanny Hensel: Traum 03:12 / Nach Süden Op. 10, Nr. 1 01:52 / Sehnsucht („Ich weiß ein Tal“) 02:32 / Ach, die Augen sind es wieder 01:31 / Anklänge I – Vöglein in den sonn’gen Tagen 02:49 / Anklänge II – Ach! wie ist es doch gekommen 01:53 / Anklänge III – Könnt ich zu den Wäldern flüchten 02:17

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Des Mädchens Klage WoO 23 02:18
Fanny Hensel: Wo kommst du her? * 02:41 / Dämmrung senkte sich von oben 02:43 / Geräusch (Titel im Erstdruck: Sehnsucht) 02:20 / Nacht * 02:35 / Nachtwanderer Op. 7 Nr. 1 03:14 / Im Herbst 02:53 / Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh 01:53 / Bergeslust Op. 10 Nr. 5 01:34 / Schwanenlied Op. 1 Nr. 1 03:13
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Altdeutsches Frühlingslied Op. 86 Nr. 6 02:53 / Schilflied Op. posth. 71 Nr. 4 02:59 / Nachtlied Op. 71 Nr. 6 02:51

*** Incl. First Recordings ***

Are the songs on this new double CD album musical letters between the brilliant composer siblings Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn? Through their joint musical education, the children of a pianist and a respected Jewish banker were musically soul mates; Music was her soul language. Later they exchanged their compositions in many entertaining and poetic letters. The three years older sister was the closest advisor of the "child prodigy" Felix throughout her life. According to those who knew her, she was equal to him as a pianist and composer.
But while Felix made an international career, his sister, who according to Goethe was "equally gifted", performed almost exclusively in the semi-public of her well-known "Sonntagsmusiken" in his parents' palace in Berlin. At the same time, she regulated practical and social affairs for Felix and for her husband, the court painter Wilhelm Hensel, and raised her son. Her many compositions – mainly songs and smaller chamber music works (the genre "Songs without Words" goes back to her) – were only heard by a close circle of friends and family; or they ended up completely unheard "in the drawer": Felix wanted to protect his sister from social hostility in the tradition of his father and was clearly against the publication of her works. The lack of perception caused Fanny problems throughout her life and also led to tensions with her brother again and again. At the age of 40, she finally decided, encouraged by her husband and friends, to publish. A short time later, she died of a stroke. Her brother, who was deeply affected by the sudden death of his beloved sister, composed only a few songs and followed her half a year later.
Their music held the siblings together like an invisible band throughout their lives. The "Duo Kasper Ablogin" also feels connected to the siblings through the music and understands these CDs as a "remembrance of you".
Some songs are preceded by an improvised prelude, as was customary until the early 20th century. These were created spontaneously during the recordings and some were kept to create the atmosphere of a live concert.

Kateryna Kasper (Soprano) and Dmitry Ablogin (Fortepiano) interpret these wonderful songs partly in first recordings – absolutely worth listening to!

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